Deeply Serene

Kehinde Sonola presents Deeply Serene, a weekly selection of the deepest House Music from Antarctica to Auckland to Brasilia to Lagos to London to Los Angeles to Palestine to Tokyo, in order to spread the good vibes and connect people across this beautiful planet.


Kehinde Sonola Presents Deeply Serene Episode 8

Hello and thank you for joining me for another episode of Deeply Serene. 

There is so much to be grateful for in life, not least of all for the fact that we have been blessed to have been born on this beautiful planet. 

May we do better in taking care of it and each other. 

This episode is especially dedicated to all those who are helping others across the world as well as my mentors and the best DJs on the planet: Greg Robinson, Richard Monk, Kaoru Sohun, Marcelo Tavares, Shur-i-kan, Fabrice Lig, Lars Behrenroth and John Digweed. 

Love and serenity to all.


[Artist] - [Track] - [Label]


1) Joyce Muniz - It's Your Life - Exploited

2) Purple Velvet - Artform - Exploited

3) Adana Twins & Khan - Drive Original Mix - Exploited

4) Claptone & Jaw - No Eyes Kyodai Mix - New State Music

5) Moodymanc - Joy - Exploited


 2014-08-09  30m