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231 : The Hollywood Assassin

Thanks for listening and subscribing to the Clive Barker Podcast, the only podcast dedicated to the imagination of Clive Barker. In this episode, 231, we cover upcoming convention appearances, plus Candyman and Hellraiser news. 

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From the Reef

  • Clive at Spooky Empire
  • Connecticut Horror Fest — Hellraiser Reunion 
  •  Hellraiser III Vinyl Release
  • Liverpool SFX Class Gary Tunnicliffe
  • Tony Todd will be in the new Candyman Reboot Afterall
  • Candyman Begins Filming in August
    • Misleading IMDB
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Coming Next

  • Series: The Harrowers
  • More News 
  • Abarat: Days of Magic, Nights of War

And this podcast, having no beginning, will have no end.

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 2019-06-09  21m