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J&E CATCH UP – Dumb People, Tatts Holding You Back & Did You Lose Your Life?

Ok, the “did you lose your life” thing sounds heavy. Josiah’s exaggerating, but he really did have a shocker over the weekend that has left him a bit worse for wear! A woman in the UK is hurting too after she did one of the dumbest things imaginable and caused drama for a whole bunch of people. They’re probably mad at her but J&E find it very funny. Air New Zealand have revised their policies to make people with tatts free to have them on show. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of industries that don’t employ the same mentality to the guys discuss when your tatts have held you back. An honouree at the Queens Birthday celebrations yesterday was Shepparton’s very own Michael D’Elia so he joined the guys so they could congratulate the Shepp Search and Rescue member for the huge achievement! Productive Thoughts and a wrap of the weekend’s sport is back too for your Tuesday. Enjoy!


 2019-06-11  30m