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A collection of podcasts from VMware Tanzu, covering IT modernization and digital transformation from every angle. Michael Coté and Rita Manachi host the eponymous Tanzu Talk. Danielle Burrow and Derrick Harris host Cloud & Culture. Guests range from engineers in the weeds of cloud native technology to customer executives pushing change within their organizations. Listen and learn!



episode 130: Making the Right Thing Easy with Jon Ravenscraft and Nick Kuhn of Kroger

At CF Summit 2019 in Philadelphia, I sat down with Jon Ravenscraft (@Jon_Ravenscraft) and Nick Kuhn (@tehkuhnz ) from Kroger to see what was interesting to them from the event and what was on their list to play around with once they got back home. What ensued was a survey of the many ways that Cloud Foundry is evolving. From Eirini, to Buildpacks, to ISM, to Knative.. they all come back to making developers productive.

See the complete show notes and links to Jon and Nick's favorite talks from CF Summit at: Article URL: https://content.pivotal.io/podcasts/making-the-right-thing-easy-with-jon-ravenscraft-and-nick-kuhn-of-kroger


 2019-06-11  15m