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J&E CATCH UP - Giant Pigs, Roadside Babies & Harley Breen!

Today’s Catch Up has everything from pigs that weigh 300kgs to babies being born on the side of the road to hilarious chats with comedians to a range of tattoo-related opinions - it’s one you don’t want to miss!

Harley Breen joins the guys ahead of his new show Taboo which promises to be controversial and FUNNY! If this chat is anything to go by, that promise should be right on the money!

Another comedian joins the show lineup for today too, with Georgie Carroll giving J&E the most random interview they’ve ever done. It’s all over the place but hilarious!

Wangaratta’s Matthew Evans, the owner of Grunt the 300kg pig has a fascinating chat about how the council is trying to stop him from walking his pig around town!

Yesterday’s discussion on tatts holding you back has evolved into a spirited debate around whether there should be laws stopping employers from discriminating against people with tattoos.

And Michelle from Tat literally gave birth on the side of the road in Mooroopna - her story is INCREDIBLE!

Told you it was a good one!



 2019-06-12  38m