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Blockchain is probably the biggest disruptive technology since the internet, it will bring many opportunities for entrepreneurs and the like, but navigating through them and knowing when is the time to strike will be the biggest obstacle many will face. Neal and Nathan, separated by the Atlantic Ocean but joined by their passion for blockchain, crypto and business, are your narrators and joyful companions in this dynamic digitizing age.


episode 220: #176 - Interview with Evan Kuo, Founder and CEO of Ampleforth


One of the beautiful aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is the ability to experiment with new economic models without the need for a bloody revolution. We can try a different way of maneuvering wealth, managing incomes, and tweaking how currency is created, destroyed, and how the rules are set, all without a civil war.


Enter Evan Kuo, Founder and CEO of Ampleforth.  After seeking the advice of many career economists, Evan created Ampleforth.  In most token systems, there are a fixed number of tokens and when demand goes up the price goes up.  In Ampleforth, when demand goes up, you get more tokens.  It is a new concept, different than a stable coin, that changes the rules of the currency game.


I took a little more time with this interview, because it is a very different model than we have seen on the show before.  And with new and complex concepts it's worth taking the time to understand. This is the very core of why blockchain will be so disruptive: it's ability to change the rules that govern these money systems so fundamental to our lives.



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 2019-06-13  37m