Arsenal Vision Post Match Podcast

Post match chat and analysis after every Arsenal match or major event. Keeping you up to date with everything Arsenal while trying to make sense of it all.


episode 296: Episode 296 - Transfer Targets and Fixture Outrage

On this edition of the Arsenal Vision Post Match Podcast, Elliot (@yankeegunner) is joined by Paul (@poznaninmypants) to cover some of the latest news ranging from the sacking of Burgess to the newspaper quotes from Bielik. Then the outrage turns to the fixtures and the shocking revelation that Arsenal will play every team twice and half of the games away. There’s a prediction about when the season could go well, and when it will inevitably go to pieces. Then, Elliot is Joined by Stats Bomb writer Mohamed (@moesquare) to discuss some possible transfer targets that you might not have heard of and a few that you definitely know. All that and more on this edition of the Arsenal Vision Post Match Podcast.


 2019-06-13  1h12m