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J&E CATCH UP – Whooping Cough Chat, Accidental Deliveries & Cheering Up The GV!

There’s serious stuff in today’s Catch Up as well as some big old LOLS! Firstly, a woman accidentally sent a butt pic to the wrong person and is mortified. It wasn’t Elly, but she’s got a couple of similar stories that are equally as horrifying! A new study has revealed that talking to strangers makes you happier so the guys open the phone lines and talk to a bunch of them! Elly wants the opinions of the GV on getting the whooping cough vaccination before visiting newborns – should it be a hard and fast rule? And ladies listen up, Josiah has tips on how to catch yourself a millionaire! Screw  Up Fridays is back for another week as well as Headline of the Week. Oh and it wouldn’t be a Friday without getting some AFL tips from Channel 9’s Nath Currie and a GV Wrap from Lexie Jeuniwic! Enjoy! 


 2019-06-14  37m