Philosophy Snack

DE: Der Schweizer Unterhaltungs Podcast mit Gregory Koefer bei dem wir mit unterschiedlichen Menschen (auch Englisch Sprechend) über jegliche Themen unseren Senf beigeben, über Träume, die Welt, das Universum und vieles mehr sprechen und hoffentlich am Ende etwas interessantes dabei rauskommt. Und falls nicht, auch ok. - EN: The Swiss Entertainment Podcast with Gregory Koefer, where we talk with different people about certain topics and give our perspectives on it, no matter if it's about dreams, the universe - whatever. At the end we hopefully get something great out of it, and if not, that's okey too.


episode 9: Elias Nieto - Modelling, Girl DM's, Defining yourself | Episode #9

Elias explains how he manages to be able to study and model at the same time, shares some stories about DM's he receives from girls and what effects they could have on him. We dive into the topic, of who we - as a human being are and what defines us. 


 1970-01-01  1h5m