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Stay Tuned for Season Two - Get ready for stories that will leave you transformed.

What do you consider the world’s toughest adversary? I would argue, it’s chronic pain. The ferocious, relentless kind that bites into you like a saber-toothed tiger and won’t let go. If you don’t suffer from it, be glad you can’t even imagine what I’m talking about. And if you’ve got it, you know exactly what I mean, because loosening those jaws is what you think about every day.

“Just knowing that you’re not going through this journey alone—and that others have successfully traveled this same road before you—is a crucial reality check during those dark nights of the soul.”

It’s what we at Painopolis think about, too. Hi, I’m David Sharp, one of the editors of this podcast, and as you know from our fetchingly entitled “Our Anus Horribilis” episode, like you, I’ve had my own battle with chronic pain. And figuring out how pain sufferers can defeat that adversary is what this show is all about.

Today, I’m breaking from our usual format to let you know that we’ve wrapped up Season One of Painopolis. More about what’s to come in Season Two in a moment, but first, a quick word about the show thus far.

Three months ago when we launched Painopolis, I made you a promise. I said that we’d bring you stories like you’ve never heard before. Stories about people who confronted the worst hell imaginable, surmounted it, and are now ready to tell the rest of us how they did it.

That’s what I promised, and I hope you’ll agree that that’s what we’ve delivered.

If Season One proved anything, it’s that you just never know where your next idea for feeling better might come from. A fellow pain sufferer on a forum. Your boss. A YouTube clip. A doctor. Your own hard research. Hey, maybe even a Painopolis episode. The search for hope and inspiration is almost a 24/7 thing. And our job at Painopolis is to help give you that hope and inspiration.

But what really stuck with me from Season One are the deeper lessons, lessons involving the mindset needed to battle an opponent this formidable. Because you don’t overcome chronic pain merely through luck. Instead, the people we’ve met on Painopolis beat chronic pain mainly thanks to their own tenacity, resourcefulness, willingness to think out of the box, courage to take calculated risks, rigorous self-discipline, unstoppable hope, and total defiance of anything that got in their way.

Even with all those tools, it still feels scary and isolating to have a chronic medical condition that forces you to make life-or-death decisions about your treatment. But knowing that you’re not going through this journey alone—and that others have successfully traveled this same road before you—is a crucial reality check during those dark nights of the soul. We hope Painopolis is that companion. And we deeply appreciate the heartfelt messages we’ve gotten from listeners who’ve thanked us for playing that role. We treasure your kind words. And we’re deeply moved by the details of your own hard-fought experiences with chronic pain.

We were also taken aback by the distance that those messages traveled to reach us. Given that Painopolis is based in the U.S., we naturally expected that Americans would tune in. But we hadn’t counted on such a lively international following. Altogether, the show’s been downloaded by people in 39 countries. Thank you very much for listening, wherever you happen to be.

I especially want to express our gratitude to listeners who made financial contributions to Painopolis. We’re extremely appreciative, and your donations play a crucial role in keeping the show on the air. As far as we’re concerned, we work for you. Our goal is to bring you a podcast filled with proactive ideas, insights, tools, encouragement, and real-world examples, so that one day, you’ll be telling us the story of your own success against chronic pain.

Now, regarding Season Two, I can divulge this much: if you liked what you heard during our first season, we’ll be taking it up a notch in Season Two, with stories that will leave you even more amazed, informed, and transformed. Stories you won’t be able to get out of your head.

I don’t have an exact date when those episodes will be available. And to explain why, let me give you a quick peek behind the Painopolis curtain. A weekly, research-heavy podcast normally requires quite a few employees to pull off. We, on the other hand, run a very tight ship with just two people—Sheila De La Rosa and myself. Prior to launching Painopolis, we both spent 30-plus years as journalists; so the two of us research, interview, edit, and write every episode. But Sheila and I wear all the other hats, too—including webmaster, sound engineer, art director, social-media guru, and accountant. And if you go to and send us a message, we don’t just send a form-letter response. We email you back, personally.

Because we’re juggling all those tasks, Painopolis episodes take time to make. So starting this week, we’ll be taking a break for awhile from publishing new episodes so we can work on Season Two. In the meantime, I invite you to head over to, and sign up for our free newsletter, so we can let you know by email when Season Two launches. While you’re there, use our Support the Show page to make a donation. We’ll use your funds to create more episodes, so if you like the show, support it. And be sure to download any episodes that you didn’t have a chance to catch the first time around.

Till next time, thank you for listening. Many thanks to our guests for generously sharing their stories. And we wish you well.


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 2017-09-03  6m