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J&E CATCH UP - Inheritance Squabbles, Punday Monday & Is Your Kid In Love?

GUYS A PAIR OF 6 YEAR OLDS FELL IN LOVE IN FRONT OF ELLY’S EYES! It was the cutest thing ever and it’s stemmed the question - is your kid in love?

What not cute is people falling out over inheritance battles and it’s happened to a taxi driver in the UK and to Andy in Benalla!

Proposals are on the agenda this morning too with Elly’s friend getting engaged over the weekend - but she knew before the bride-to-be did, is that weird?

A Spice Girl themed Punday Monday is back too as well as a wrap of the weekend’s sport and a cross to Belinda from Shepp who JUST SAW THE SPICE GIRLS PERFORM!



 2019-06-17  29m