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episode 91: Five Mindset Shifts to Guide You from Entrepreneur to CEO

There comes a time when a leader needs to transform their consciousness and implement systems in order to facilitate and nurture business growth. But what does it take to shift your mindset from a creative, freethinking entrepreneur to become a seven-figure earning leader and CEO? What principles can you employ to transform your business into a self-sufficient, money-making machine?


Entrepreneurs and freelancers are people who are able to go out and make things happen. They seize the day, they are ambitious, and they hustle. But, an entrepreneur is not necessarily a CEO. A CEO is someone who can lead an organization — someone who can manage expectations and hold people accountable.


In this episode, I define the differences between an entrepreneur and a CEO and explain how those differences can inhibit you from scaling if you don’t recognize them first. I explain how to create powerful solutions to the possible roadblocks that can inhibit business success.


In order to uplevel your business income and get to the seven-figure mark, you must level up your thinking and start thinking like a CEO.


Key Points:


  • Mindset Shift #1 — You are not your business. [4:46]


  • Mindset Shift #2 — Time in does not equal money out. [8:58]


  • Mindset Shift #3 — Services don’t scale; products do. [13:09]


  • Mindset Shift #4 — Numbers Drive the Business. [17:47]


  • Mindset Shift #5 — Money is fuel. [20:44]



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 2019-06-17  27m