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episode 68: #68: Roommate Issues, Marry Me Now, Used For Sex

Podcast episode 68 is titled Roommate Issues, Marry Me Now, Used For Sex. TheRelationshiPodcast gives advice to people that write in. The big disclaimer is that they did not write in to us. Yes, we will be giving our 2-cents on all your love problems whether you like it or not. Doctor Ryan, Drey, and John are in the building.
Roommate Issues, Marry Me Now, Used For Sex Outline

J Topic: ‘She Expects Us Not To Do Anything Of A Sexual Nature’

Summary: Dating my roommate’s brother. It isn’t going well.
Question: Am I wrong for not wanting to have rules in my own private space?
Submitted by: Desperate

A Topic: At Three Months, He Says He Wants To Marry Me

Summary: He wants to marry me already and I am not there yet.
Question: Is it OK to just not know and to try to take it slow?
Submitted by: Concerned

R Topic: Am I Being Used For Sex?

Summary: I think I am being used for sex.
Question: How do I figure out if what we have is love or just physical attraction?
Submitted by: Feeling Used

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