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The Naturist Living Show presents topics related to naturism and discusses issues of interest to naturists. (nudism and nudists to some) The podcast is produced by Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park in Ontario, Canada.


episode 106: A nude actor, writer, and comedian in Las Vegas

An eclectic chat with Tim Chizmar on a wide variety of topics: Las Vegas, his experiences organizing nude comedy, nudism in general, his nudist movie project, and more!

Links to items mentioned in the show:

  • Tim Chizmar on IMDB
  • Tim Chizmar on Twitter
  • Tim Chizmar on Instagram
  • Clothes Free International
  • Kate Logan interview

Photo: A nudist comedy show at Olive Dell Ranch – Tim Chizmar is top left with at the back, Jon Smilowitz and Kevin Lahaie; and in front, Heather Schmidt, Katie Hall, and Melissa Dejanude.

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 2019-04-12  39m