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Datanauts 168: Why Design Process Matters For Data Centers And The Cloud

Hello, IT architect. Business person here. We have this huge new project for you. We have an idea for this new system that’s going to make us all sorts of money.
It can never go down, because it’s going to be SO IMPORTANT. It’s got to be super secure, too, obviously. Your budget is…three dollars!
Right. Okay, that’s a somewhat silly scenario, but it represents a problem many of us in IT face. The organization needs a technology solution to a business problem. There are objectives and constraints.
How do you design the solution? If your answer was “on a napkin at the bar!” Hey, not a bad idea, but we’re going to discuss a more formal approach today on the Datanauts podcast.
Our guest is Adam Post, a principal consultant at IT Partners, with a focus on virtualization and cloud technologies.
We discuss:

* The bad things that can happen without a design or design process
* The absolute necessity of information-gathering from stakeholders
* Similarities and differences when designing for the data center and the cloud
* VMware’s recommended design process and its general principles
* The AWS Well Architected Framework and general principles
* The role of documentation
* More

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 2019-07-03  53m