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GRP 131: Thorns and Roses grow on the same tree: The story of a female Kurdish fighter

This week’s podcast was recorded in July 2017 with Kurdish fighter Joanna Palani. Joanna is currently in prison in Denmark due to their laws against Danish citizens traveling to Syria to fight. Joanna’s family is from the western region of Iran. She was born in a U.N refugee camp in the desert of Ramadi, Iraq. Growing up there were sections of the road her and her peers traversed en route to school that were littered with IED’s. During a commute to school her brother was killed by a roadside bomb. Eventually her immediate family moved to Denmark where she spent several years living before dropping out of college to go join the uprising in Syria. If you want to hear from a woman on the ground this is a must listen. This episode is sponsored by War Dragons War Dragons is a 3D, Real Time, Strategy video game – right on your phone. For the month of July, War Dragons is partnering with Stack Up, an organization dedicated to bringing military personnel, veterans and civilian supporters together through a shared love of video gaming. War Dragons will match all donations made through the link in the game between July 4th through July 31st, up to a maximum of $10,000. Donors will also get an exclusive, in-game portrait. Can’t donate but want to support Stack Up’s work? Breeding your dragons in-game can also help contribute an additional $10,000 donation by War Dragons. Visit 
 0:00-News reports on the fighting in Syria 5:00-Introduction to Joanna Palani, a Kurdish female fighter with the YPJ Follow Global Recon below:   Chantel Taylor:   Tim Kolczak:   Music provided by Caspian: .


 2019-07-04  44m