History Is Sexy

History is Sexy is a podcast presented by historian Dr Emma Southon and writer Janina Matthewson answering listener questions about history. What did the Romans do for us? Where did marrying for love come from? What was world war one all about? Find your answers, with added jokes, here. Produced and edited by Oliver Kealey. Theme music by Ketsa.



#33 - "Was The Airship Age A Real Period of History, or a Technological Fad?"

This time, Emma and Janina don their goggles and take to the skies to answer a very burning question. Was the "Airship Age" a real thing? How did people use Airships? Why did they very suddenly disappear? Featuring: The word "Dirigible"! An indoor water park! The humanity! Oh, the Humanity!


 2019-05-18  1h12m