History Is Sexy

History is Sexy is a podcast presented by historian Dr Emma Southon and writer Janina Matthewson answering listener questions about history. What did the Romans do for us? Where did marrying for love come from? What was world war one all about? Find your answers, with added jokes, here. Produced and edited by Oliver Kealey. Theme music by Ketsa.



Episode #30 - "What Links an Emperor, an Actress, and a Goose?"

This time, Emma regales Janina (and us) with the story of Procopius, a cautionary tale of historical bias, fake news, and bizarre stories about geese! Featuring: Power couple Justinian and Theodora! ???????? Sports teams that are also mafia gangs! ???? ????️ The Hagia Sofia, it's pretty neat! ⛪ Support us here: bit.ly/supportsexyhistory


 2019-04-04  1h1m