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Network Neighborhood – Lab Every Day With Du’An Lightfoot

Welcome to Network Neighborhood, a Packet Pushers podcast series where we talk to folks in the IT industry about being human, their technology journeys, and what motivates them to do what they do.
My guest is Du’an Lightfoot. He’s a senior network engineer for a medical support company.
If you’ve been anywhere near the networking community online, you may know him from his site, where he blogs and produces YouTube videos on networking, certification, and learning.
You can also find him on Twitter at @labeveryday.
We talk about:

* How Du’An’s military experience influenced his tech career
* Why automation is his next big project
* The value of certifications for career growth
* How to cope with failure and build confidence
* The benefits of daily lab work and study
* The role of community in tech
* More

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 2019-07-09  32m