Ghostpuncher Corps

Ghostpuncher Corps is a tabletop roleplaying podcast in which Dungeon Mistress Lilith takes three adventurers through the comic world of Ghostpuncher. Petua, the neurotic warlock played by Amanda. Elektra, the synth bard played by Sydney. Mikey, the feral, pug-face t-shirt wearing druid played by Cassidy. These three are tasked by Lucifer herself to track down escaped souls and return them to Hell by any means necessary.


episode 30: G.R.I.D.br34k3r vol. I

The Ghostpuncher Corps are back and they've been tasked by Lucifer to trek down to southern California to meet with Brad Price, the project lead of G.R.I.D.br34k3r, a massively multiplayer video game that seems to be responsible for a number of deaths. Petua is none too excited to play one of these "video games", Mikey doesn't even know what a video game is and Elektra seems to have a vested, personal interest in this investigation. Find Cookie Crew at Songs used in this episode: Blossoms Will Sprout from the Carcass - Skagos (Intro/Outro) Gimme a Break - Netra flicker and phase - stab something SFX used in this episode:  Suzuki1250BanditStart - Sclolex Motorcycle_Startup_Driveaway - StephenSaldanha Nissan Maxima burnout (04-25-2009) - audible-edge Motorcycle Kickstart and Rev - bone666138 bike_brake_gravel - ChemiCatz All songs and sounds used in this episode are used non-commercially with attribution.  Support Ghostpuncher and Ghostpuncher Corps at Join the Ghostpuncher Discord here: Contact Ghostpuncher Corps at
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 2019-07-10  1h31m