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Blockchain is probably the biggest disruptive technology since the internet, it will bring many opportunities for entrepreneurs and the like, but navigating through them and knowing when is the time to strike will be the biggest obstacle many will face. Neal and Nathan, separated by the Atlantic Ocean but joined by their passion for blockchain, crypto and business, are your narrators and joyful companions in this dynamic digitizing age.


episode 223: #179 - Hi Max Rye, from DeepCloud A.I.!

Did ever you try

To build an AI

That would tinker with clouds

And make them more spry?

Well one person did.

And his name is Max Rye

And he is the founder

Of DeepCloud AI.



We take cloud services for granted in North America and Europe, however in many parts of the world it is difficult to get reliable access to cloud services for your business.  Today I speak with Max Rye, founder and CEO of Deepcloud AI, who are using a blockchain and AI driven framework to incentivize the crowd to provide cloud services in decentralized way that minimizes latency so that companies who don't have easy access to AWS or Google can still have access to reliable cloud services. 


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 2019-07-10  26m