Max Popov

deepman ) A&R Director - Incepto Deep Rec. A&R Director - Microbios Rec.


Incepto Deep Showcase with Max Popov 052 @ DI.FM [11.07.19] #52

Now Incepto Deep Showcase on DI.FM (channel Deep House). Every 2nd Wednesday of the month, 20:00 CET… As always, the best deep house tracks from our A&R Incepto Deep / Microbios Records- Max Popov.… Incepto Deep Showcase with Max Popov 052 @ DI.FM [11.07.19] 01) Sergey Sanchez, Mag Day Chuk - Follow The Melody (Original Mix) [Nite Grooves] 02) Cedric Salander - Hidden Desire (Original Mix) [Be Adult Music] 03) Demarkus Lewis - Sling Fling (Main Mix) [Puro Music] 04) Watky - Suspected (Original Mix) [ILLICIT Music] 05) Aroop Roy - People All Over The World (Original Mix) [Boogie Cafe Records] 06) Micronoise - Coffee & Vinyl [Oh So Coy Recordings] 07) Alexny - Make Me Blue (Original Mix) [House Cookin Records] 08) Garneau - Spring (Original Mix) [Understated Recordings] 09) Gorge - Beyond Flatlines [Still Hot] 10) Nick Batik - El Veraz (Original Mix) [Basswalk Records] 11) Andy Bach - Deep State [Lucidflow]


 2019-07-11  1h0m