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A Digimon podcast comparing the English dub and the original Japanese version and various other things, such as Digimon Adventure: and the Digimon Adventure novelisation. Hosted by Digimon fanatic and veteran May and joined by various friends. Chosen Children, let's roll!



episode 293: CommenTRIary 2 - He's Wearing Somebody's Skin

May and Bray continue their watching of Tri with 'Determination' - Brady forgets who the characters are every five seconds and May explains everything. Gabumon takes off his skin and Gomamon puts on somebody skin, probably Leomon's.
We're no longer a clean podcast because Digimon no longer is a clean anime, thanks Rosemon.
This is a commentary track to watch along with Digimon Adventure Tri Chapter 2. We watched Japanese with English subtitles on BluRay.
Linkdump: https://lostintranslationmon.co.vu/post/186242499462/may-and-bray-continue-their-watching-of-tri-with
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 2019-07-12  1h33m