We are a group of people that believe in the "Village" mentality of it takes many to raise one child! We believe that comedy and love are what's missing from today's family and in our own way we are doing our absolute best to bring it back! Some shows will be for children and some shows will be for adults ONLY! Regardless give us a listen and you won't be disappointed!



Welcome 2 The Village: Disney Gone Wild!

What's going on Village! This week I am joined by my new co-host Eva Marie and we discuss: Native American suicide rates, Ariel got BLACK, fight at DISNEYLAND, and of course some Village Idiots!!!! So sit back and ride with the Village, laugh with the Village, Welcome2thevillage!!! TWITTER: @NLightNMyMind @W2theVillage @lovingshanelle @slinkgrindstone @ChanceWBrown @Stitcher @podomatic @iTunes @iTunesPodcasts @Linkedin Welcome 2 The Village can be heard through STITCHER RADIO, GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC, GOOGLE+, ITUNES, and of course PODOMATIC! We also encourage you to subscribe to us on iTunes and leave reviews (WE REALLY APPRECIATE GOOD REVIEWS). We can be reached by email: welcome2thevillage@gmail.com. You can also leave us a voice mail by calling 619-202-1562. Check out our Facebook page by searching "Welcome2theVillage". Also check out our website: welcome2thevillage.wixsite.com/website where you can read all about the Village members in the “about us” section as well as listen to all of the previous shows! Intro and background beats provided by “Dr. Psi” and “GrindStone”. Thanks for listening, The Village


 2019-07-15  1h15m