Data science is one of the fastest growing industries and has been called the ‘Sexiest job of the 21st Century’. But what exactly is data science? In this podcast, brought to you by DataCamp, Hugo Bowne-Anderson approaches the question by exploring what problems data science can solve rather than defining what data science is. From automated medical diagnosis and self-driving cars to recommendation systems and climate change, come on a journey with experts from industry and academia to explore the industry that will change the course of the 21st century.


episode 54: #54 Women in Data Science

This week, Hugo speaks with Reshama Shaikh, about women in machine learning and data science, inclusivity and diversity more generally and how being intentional in what you do is essential. Reshama, a freelance data scientist and statistician, is also an organizer of the meetup groups Women in Machine Learning & Data Science (otherwise known  as WiMLDS) and PyLadies. She has organized WiMLDS for 4 years and is a Board Member. They’ll discuss her work at WiMLDS and what you can do to support and promote women and gender minorities in data science. They’ll also delve into why women are flourishing in the R community but lagging in Python and discuss more generally how NUMFOCUS thinks about diversity and inclusion, including their code of conduct. All this and more.



  • DataFramed Guest Suggestions (who do you want to hear on DataFramed?)


  • Reshama’s Blog
  • Reshama on Twitter
  • List of Relevant Conferences (and Code of Conduct info)
  • NYC PyLadies meetup
  • Code of Conduct for NeurIPS and Other Stem Organizations
  • NumFOCUS Diversity & Inclusion in Scientific Computing (DISC)
  • NumFOCUS DISCOVER Cookbook (for inclusive events)
  • fastai deep learning notes

WiMLDS (Women in Machine Learning and Data Science)

  • NYC WiMLDS meetup
  • To start a WiMLDS chapter: email and more info at our starter kit.
  • WiMLDS Website
  • Global List of WiMLDS Meetup Chapters
  • WiMLDS Paris: They run their meetups in English, so knowledge of French is not required.  


DataCamp User Stories (with David Sudolsky ~17:27 & ~31:50)

  • Boldr Website

Original music and sounds by The Sticks.


 2019-02-25  47m