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Ep:155 Expert Podcast Interview With Daniel Blue

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Episode 155 – Expert Podcast Interview With Daniel Blue
#ondeckwithcam Podcast Time 31.48min in Total.
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Daniel is a 30-year-old business owner of a company called Quest Education. He has a seven-figure company that helps business owners get creative with self-directed retirement accounts.
Here are the links to connect with Daniel:-
Key Podcast Episode notes include:

* How to reverse engineer your marketing for higher ROI
* Where to find a dream list of your HOTTEST Referral Partners that want to send you all the business that you can handle
* How to tap into the power of Networking on Facebook and LinkedIn
* Why not KNOWING your MONEY is costing you a fortune in lost opportunities
* The 3 step system to closing more Face to Face meetings or Phone meetings
* How to get the the TOP in your industry and be the BEST at what you do
* Plus more…

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