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Ep:156 Paid Advertising vs Inbound Marketing

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Episode 156 – Paid Advertising vs Inbound Marketing
#ondeckwithcam Podcast Time 19.55min in Total.
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In this podcast episode, Cam talks about Paid Advertising VS Inbound Marketing. Which one is best for your business and marketing objectives?
Key Podcast Episode notes include:

* How a one company went from 2 clients to 80 clients in only 4 months using Disruptive Paid Advertising
* The difference between MQL’s and SQL’s and how to nurture them in your sales funnels and CRM’s
* The simple INBOUND MARKETING framework for getting to page 1 of Google and attracting more QUALIFIED Leads.
* The TOP 3 Paid Digital Advertising Channels
* The TOP 5 Inbound Marketing Strategies
* Which is better for your business? Paid of Inbound?
* And more…

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 2019-07-25  19m