Kid Detectives RPG

Kid Detectives RPG is a horror comedy RPG podcast in which Josh Aichenbaum, Paul Immerman, Rosie Leisure, and Ivano Pulito play kid detectives and Connor Lloyd Crews, as the game master, leads them through spooky adventures filled with supernatural creatures, dangerous situations, and goof-em-ups. New episodes every other Thursday.


episode 44: Episode 44: The Bright Light In The Dark Sky - Part VII

Finally, the finale to our fifth arc! The kids are flying down to marketplace planet Hebzzudddarr to meet with the brutish Akwaniuns. Will they be able to negotiate intergalactic peace? Will things go off without a hitch? Will Max be able to woo DK? “Yes” is the answer to only one of those!


 2019-07-26  1h2m