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Work Passion Fit is a podcast that talks with Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs and CEO's to understand what they are passionate about and how their passions are manifested in their work. Work Passion Fit gets beyond the what and discovers the who and the why behind the Leaders.


Andrew Barnes and Perpetual Guardian-Episode 81

In speaking with Andrew Barnes Managing Director of Perpetual Guardian I discover one of life's guiding principles "not doing something is more risky than trying something" . Andrew shares his wisdom and business acumen throughout my conversation with him, I had a wonderful time just talking with him.

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 2018-09-12  32m
In GK020 sprechen wir über die Vier-Tage-Woche. Der Anlass ist eine britische Studie zum Zusammenhang zwischen der Wochenarbeitszeit und der psychischen Gesundheit von Arbeitnehmern.
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