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episode 44: A Few Minutes in Voice 02AUG19 | Nick reviews Math 1, 2, 3!

In this episode, I talk about the skill 1, 2, 3 Math. Also are you a business trying to break into the world of voice? If you are Voice Skills INC might have your answer, just contact Jody at Jody@voiceskillsinc.com for our low cost alternative solution.

Shanthan Kesharaju is the founder of Sermo Labs. Sermo Labs was founded in 2018 with a primary mission to make education fun and engaging for kids through voice experiences like Alexa. Some of the flagship skills from Sermo Labs thus far have been Alexa Skills like ’1-2-3 Math’, ‘World Mathematics League’ and ‘Hungry Birds’. 1-2-3 Math and World Mathematics League skills, besides featured and finding a recurring spot on ‘Amazon’s Top Trending’ skills list, have also been recognized as ‘“Amazon’s Best Alexa Skills of 2018”. Shanthan Kesharaju has won multiple Amazon Alexa Hackathons and continues to explore new and innovative ideas in the voice arena. He is a certified Alexa Skill Builder and most recently been inducted into the Alexa Subject Matter Expert club by Amazon. Shanthan believes that learning should be an ‘all-inclusive universal process’ and is passionate about championing for ‘Technology for a Cause’ where he is also focusing on enabling kids with special needs learn with Alexa using Computer Vision. Shanthan has an MBA from Duke Fuqua School of Business, Masters in Information Systems from Oklahoma State University and is currently pursuing MS in Analytics from Georgia Tech.

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 2019-08-03  6m