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episode 730: Moonlighting as Marshmello

This Week's Stories
- Apple Earnings: services up, iPhone down
- Phone season starts this week
- Apple gearing up on R&D
- Amazon takes over
- RIP Amazon Dash button
- Your Assistant is listening
- Apple Card won't let you bet on the ponies
- Capital One hack
- Apple Bluetooth security hack
- Facial recognition for drunks
- Chinese smile to pay
- Elon Musk is boring holes in Las Vegas
- AI customer service hell
- Amazon partnering with police
- Turkey cracks down on internet
- Instagram from Facebook
- Livestreaming Funerals
- Spotify takes off
- US Govt Vs social media addiction
- Locast gets sued
- Ninja moves to Mixer

Host: Leo Laporte

Guests: Mikah Sargent, Ant Pruitt, and Mike Elgan

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 2019-08-05  2h14m