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episode 93: Take Action: A Special Live Master Class with Graig Presti

This episode is a special LIVE Profit Paradigm Master Class. Guest Speaker, Graig Presti is the Founder and CEO of Local Search for Dentists, which is the only dental marketing agency recognized by the Inc.’s 500/5000 list for four consecutive years. Graig shares his wisdom about growing and developing as a CEO. This podcast is an opportunity for you to learn from a real industry leader on how to hone your marketing skills to propel your niche business forward.


In this episode, Graig explains the money math that should drive all of your goals, how and when to evolve your core product, harnessing the sales process, the critical components to keeping clients for the long-term, and what to consider before attempting to sell your business to a private equity firm.


Key Points:


  • Taking action is what propelled Graig to business success. [2:11]


  • How to find your target market. [8:33]


  • Becoming the master of your one core product and outsource within the outsource. [13:25]


  • Understanding the money math behind your subscription package. [28:07]


  • Advertising, the sales process, and the benefit of getting a micro-commitment. [38:22]


  • Seamlessly connecting marketing with a product. [47:58]


  • Honing your webinar skills. [55:14]


  • Is it time to sell your business to a private equity firm? [1:10:04]


  • Finding your niche through market research. [1:18:51]



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 2019-08-06  1h27m