Pedaling Podcast

John decided to take on a 20,000km bikepacking from Auckland to London and en route he plans to talk with cycling industry, enthusiasts, athletes and other unique stories along the way. Follow along the journey as he crosses New Zealand, Australia, Asia, India and into Europe.


episode 2: Attaquer: Stevan & Greg talk apparel

When you’re next riding your bike, take a look at the kit everyone is wearing? You’ll soon see its mostly safe styles. People like to play it safe when deciding what to wear, but Greg and Stevan set out to start something different. I sat down in Sydney to catch up with the pair that first set out creating something different. They share their ideas on the future, how they manage growing and also maintaining a strong connection with the community. Checkout the shownotes for more details on their trip, including photos. Starting my year long bikepacking cycling journey from Sydney all the way back to London. Currently in Riding to Adelaide.Follow along, share the journey and hit me up if you wanna go rubber side down on any part of the route!  Follow me on Instagram: On Facebook:


 2019-08-07  44m