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Talking Fussball pre-season special - Supercup win over Bayern boosts BVB title bona fides

We're back!

Now that Bundesliga sides have concluded their pre-season tours of the US and their sleep-away camps in Austria, it was simply time to start taking the season to come a bit more seriously. And the first step down that path is to take the SERIOUS title that is the DFL Supercup EVER SO SERIOUSLY.

So here Matt and Terry are, counting the takeaways from FC Bayern München's earth-shattering 2-0 defeat, including the one that says hmm...Borussia Dortmund may well win the league this year. They also zoom in on RB Leipzig and Bayern 04 Leverkusen, as well as rake FC Schalke 04's chairman over the coals for some pretty egregious behavior.

As a bonus treat, there's an extract of Matt's interview with Hertha BSC executive board member and digital strategy supremo Paul Keuter, whom he caught up with earlier this summer on the sidelines of the team's practice in Madison, Wisconsin. (Full interview available on

Enjoy! We'll be back with another episode prior to the season's start, and TF Fantasy will be in your ears next week as well...


 2019-08-07  1h6m