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#362: Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (A Spoiler Alert Episode) with @SamMorril)

Sam Morril and I went to see Tarantino's new movie "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood" and then came back to my place, got drunk off scotch and talked about what we saw. There are spoilers in this. They start at 51:00. So only listen to this if you already watched the movie, if you're never going to see it, or if you don't give a crap about spoilers.  We definitely also meandered a ton so it's probably about 42% about the movie.  Check out @SamMorril on twitter and instagram. And listen to his podcasts, "Keeping Joe" and "Pod Don't Lie."   Ari's Road Dates Atlantic City - 9/7 Madison WI - 9/19-21 Brea CA      - 9/26-28 Dallas TX     - 10/3 Houston TX - 10/4-5 Nashville TN - 10/17-19 San Jose CA - 11/7-9 Detroit MI    - 11/14 Chicago, IL   - 11/16 Cincinatti OH - 11/17


 2019-08-09  3h8m