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Friends in Your Ears 33: David Wood and Josh Krebs

David and Josh join Kathy to chat podcasting with friends and loved ones, comedy, horror and the intersections in between.

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Host Kathy Campbell with David Wood and Josh Krebs Show Notes & Links Tell Me About Yourself David Wood
  • Not For the Dinner Table Podcast
  • @NFTDT (Twitter)
  • @notforthe_dinnertable (Instagram)
Josh Krebs
  • Bloody Date Night Podcast
  • @JoshTheMayorWon
  • @bloodydatenight
  • Patreon
How did you start listening to podcasts? David
  • Pacific Northwest Stories
  • The Black Tapes
  • Tanis
  • Rabbits
  • The Archers
  • How did this get made?
What made you want to start making them? David
  • Not for the Dinner Table - Episode 1
  • Bloody Date Night - Episode 1 (A Nightmare On Elm Street)
What is currently playing? David
  • Beyond The Box Set
    • Girls Trip 2: Diva Las Vegas
  • Good One Podcast
Favorite podcasts David
  • What’s Her Name Podcast
  • Scary Stories Podcast
  • Last Podcast on the Left - Jonestown Part 1
  • Hardcore History Series
  • How did this get made?
  • Bloody Date Night Podcast


 2019-08-09  41m