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Apple ASMR, LOL Samsung, AAPL Buybacks w/Charlotte Henry - ACM 520

Apple has posted plenty of “Shot on iPhone”: videos, but four new ASMR videos mark the first time where the content is more about the experience than it is about the device that made it. Bryan Chaffin is joined by guest-host Charlotte Henry to discuss it. They also talk about Samsun’s lame decision to pull an old ad from its YouTube channel that mocked an Apple move that Samsung is following today. So lame. They also look at Apple’s gargantuan effort to buy $24 billion of its own stock in just the June quarter. Sources referenced in this episode:

    • 4 New ASMR Videos From Apple
    • Samsung Deletes Apple-Mocking Ads
    • Understanding Apple's Record Stock Repurchase
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 2019-08-10  57m