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episode 171: 172: Coil Image Loading Library with Colin White

In this episode Donn and Kaushik sit down with Instacart Engineer Colin White to discuss a new image library he has created called Coil.

Coil is a Kotlin-first image library that focuses on ease of use, simplicity and extensibility. In this episode we ask him the question you're probably wondering ... "Why create an image library, isn't this a solved problem already?" and then move onto the details of how the library works, and what it offers developers.

From Donn's perspective - It's an interesting library and gives you what you need with minimal footprint but offers you the extensibility that you'd want in the future. Its a good balance of "just enough" and "I might need this".


Show Notes
  • Coil Library
  • Colin's Twitter
  • Colin's Website
  • Introducing Coil: Kotlin-first image loading on Android
  • Discord chat or @fragmentedcast or our Youtube channel
  • @donnfelker and donnfelker (on Instagram)
  • @kaushikgopal and kaushikgopal (on Instagram)


 2019-08-12  57m