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Ep:158 The 7 Reasons Why You Need a Website Funnel

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Episode 158 The 7 Reasons Why You Need a Website Funnel
#ondeckwithcam Podcast Time 18.33min in Total.
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A website funnel is a new way to create high walls and clear pathways for your buyer personas. It gets them on a smooth slippery slide into your business and buying your products or services.

In many ways, a website funnel is no different from a sideways sales letter. It keeps your buyer personas on your assets for longer and increases your Marketing ROI and increases sales.
Key Podcast Episode notes include:

* Why it’s not uncommon to see a 500% to 1000% return on your investment with a Website Funnel.
* Why Website Funnels work better than any other form of digital marketing.
* How to keep your prospects and Buyer Personas on your website pages for longer.
* The various types of BACKEND systems that are needed for your Website Funnel.
* How to avoid making the usual costly mistakes with Website Funnels and how to save time and money launching your very own profitable Website Funnel.
* And more…

A website funnel can be used for eCommerce products, for coaching or consulting services, for software and even for traditional businesses like financial planning, accounting, health clubs, swim schools and property or real estate investments.

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