Captain Roy's Rocket Radio Show: THE UK Geek Podcast

Welcome to the greatest show in the multiverse! Strap yourself in for a rip-roaring rocketship ride! Blast off! Whoosh! From the back room of Altair City Spaceport's Rocket Tavern, the Captain discusses science fiction, fantasy, and horror; books, comics, movies, TV, games, toys, and whatever catches his art, music, and tech mad fancy. Produced using alien technology, eldritch powers, and caffeinated beverages, since a Summer night in 2012 fuelled by two gin and tonics.


RRR14 Star Wars

Regular sections PLUS Special Show: Today Scott Grandison and I discuss our favourite nerdly things of ALL time! News: Scott Grandison, MCM London, Bizzare Canadianisms/Americanisms in my speech, Movies: Hobo with a Shotgun, The Great Gatsby, Star Trek Into Darkness, Empire Strikes Back, Bladerunner, 2001, Star Trek The Motion Picture, TV: Doctor Who Season finale, Battle of the Planets/Science Ninja Team AKA Gatchaman, Space Adventure Cobra, Ghost in The Shell Standalone Complex, Cowboy Bebop, Blake's 7, Star Trek TNG, Babylon 5, Books: Dune, Comics: V for Vendetta, Watchmen, Audio: Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy, Technology: The Internet, PCs, Smartphones, Games: Doom, Oblivion, Skyrim, WoW, Toys: Creepy soft toys, Star Wars toys


 2013-06-02  1h31m