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episode 15: David Bahnsen, "The Case for Dividend Growth: Investing in a Post-Crisis World" (Post Hill Press, 2019)

Dividend investors are a small but dedicated band. Ten years into a stock market rally led by no or low-dividend paying companies, they still argue in favor of long-term business ownership rather than betting on near-term prices in the market. They still view a dividend as, in the words of Richard Russell, "a true return on investment. Everything else is hope and speculation." David Bahnsen is just such an investor. As CIO of the Bahnsen Group, he and his team manage $2 billion in assets. His new book, The Case for Dividend Growth: Investing in a Post-Crisis World (Post Hill Press, 2019) is a concise, powerful and up-to-date statement in favor or bringing a tangible cashflow sensibility to stock market investing. I am strongly biased in favor of his approach.  But even if you are not, The Case for Dividend Growth offers the valuable perspective on investing of a Registered Investment Advisor.  That is, everyday he has to deal with flesh and blood investors, not just utility maximizing Chicago robots. Bahnsen doesn't offer any hot stock tips, but NBN listeners will still benefit from listening to his passionately held views about how to navigate the uncertainty of the stock market.

Daniel Peris is Senior Vice President at Federated Investors in Pittsburgh. Trained as a historian of modern Russia, he is the author most recently of Getting Back to Business: Why Modern Portfolio Theory Fails Investors. You can follow him on Twitter @Back2BizBook or at

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 2019-08-14  47m