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episode 121: 121: Benedikt Deicke - Building Userlist.io

In this episode, Adam talks to Benedikt Deicke about building Userlist.io, a new email automation product for SaaS businesses that he recently launched with his co-founder Jane Portman.

Topics include:

  • The risks and technical challenges of building client-side API integrations and why Benedikt decided to focus on a server-side integration for launch
  • Building Userlist with Ember instead of trendier tools like React
  • How the Ember app authenticates with the Rails API
  • Strategies for keeping email deliverability high for Userlist's customers
  • How Benedikt built Userlist's complex segmentation engine by creating a custom AST structure and compiling it to SQL
  • How the automation and email scheduling system works


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  • Userlist.io
  • Slow and Steady, Benedikt's podcast
  • Prosemirror
  • Ember
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Sidekiq
  • Sparkpost


 2019-08-14  50m