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episode 732: Why is My Fridge Playing ICP?

- Amazon's paid tweeters program backfires
- Telus email out for the past 4 days
- $3 Million Fortnite winner SWATted
- How Gamergate launched a culture war
- Esports is officially mainstream - how to get an esports scholarship to college
- Verizon sells Tumblr for about 2% of what Yahoo bought it for 6 years ago
- iPhone 11 coming September 10 - how private will it be?
- Apple sues Corellium for virtualization service
- Google's challenging past 3 years
- Google forces Nest to leave recording lights on
- iPhone 11 Pro Max?
- Pixel 3a's faux 20x zoom
- Rival search engines drop out of Google's search engine ballot auction
- Amazon's Rekognition face recognition system can't tell the difference between congressmen and criminals
- "NULL" vanity plate garners man $12,000+ in parking violations
- 3 simple ways to defeat face recognition
- Update your Windows 10 system NOW. Seriously.
- New Bluetooth KNOB attack
- Huawei gets a break
- Georgia required to use paper ballots
- FTC willing to break up big tech
- IKEA gets serious about smart tech
- Disney after account sharers
- Don't use Kaspersky anti-virus
- Tesla owner implants her key in her arm
- Apple shuts down 3rd-party WebKit anti-tracking abusers

Host: Leo Laporte

Guests: Matt Cutts, Denise Howell, and Owen JJ Stone

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 2019-08-19  2h53m