Troublesome Terps

Troublesome Terps is a roundtable-style podcast covering topics from the interpreting space and the wider world of languages. The hosts - Jonathan Downie, Alexander Drechsel, Alexander Gansmeier, and Sarah Hickey - discuss them amongst themselves or with high-profile guests from the industry.


Episode 39: Interpreter Training with Andy Gillies

While Alex G is on assignment, Jonathan and Alex D sit down with renowned interpreter trainer and book author Andy Gillies to discuss his career in the profession, the ins and outs of how to train interpreters, and the books he has translated and written.

Special Guest: Andrew Gillies.


  • Andy's books for Routledge
  • Interpreter Training Resources
  • Interpreter Training Resources Facebook Page
  • AIIC Webzine content authored by Andy
  • Using Language Teaching Methods to Train Interpreters — Published as: Using Language Teaching Methods to Train Interpreters in Proceedings of the Bath Symposium, Edited by Valerie Pellatt and Elena Minelli This book first published 2008 Cambridge Scholars Publishing ISBN (10): 1-84718-832-X, ISBN (13): 9781847188328
  • Conference Interpreting: A Trainer’s Guide (book by Robin Setton & Andrew Dawrant)
  • Kilian Seeber’s review of the Setton/Dawrant book


 2019-08-22  1h25m