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DHE #129 - Discount Matt Damon and Game of Thrones Season Finale Predictions

In this episode of the Discourse we open with a very Discoursian philosophy question. We then talk about discount Matt Damon (Jesse Plemons). But lastly, we go deep into Game of Thrones predictions for the season finale. I know this is very topical! But it is fun to listen to our predictions after we know the actual results. Enjoy!

#mattdamon #jesseplemons #gameofthrones #got #seasonfinale #branstark #philosophy #morality #morale #nukcing #nukcingaround #nuckingabout #dhe #discourseofhumanevents

Recorded: 5/19/19

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Intro and outro music provided by Brad Sucks under Creative Commons. Go listen to his music, it's awesome.

Intro clip provided by Joe Rogan Experience #935 from Robb Wolf.


 2019-08-22  55m