Monstercat: Call of the Wild

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263 - Monstercat: Call of the Wild

Follow the show: 00:45 Conro - City Lights (ft. Royal) 04:22 Disero & Bertie Scott - Thinking Bout You [Instinct Spotlight] 07:15 Rogue - Imperfect Views 11:08 Vicetone - Ran Out of Reasons (ft. Jude & Night Panda) 14:19 Botnek & I See Monstas - Deeper Love (Doth Remix) 16:07 Eptic - Power 20:09 SLANDER & RIOT - You Don’t Even Know Me 23:40 Aero Chord - Resistance 25:16 Tokyo Machine - SAIKOU 28:01 Gammer - THE DROP (Stonebank Remix) 31:35 Habstrakt - The One [Uncaged Spotlight] 35:27 Tony Romera - Heat Wave [Monstercat Exclusive] 39:42 Notaker - So Much Love 42:45 Nitro Fun & Subtact - Come With Me (ft. Anna Yvette) [Monstercat Throwback] 46:23 Just A Gent - Open Spaces (ft. Nevve) 49:44 Conro - Me 53:14 LVTHER & GOLDA - Fabulous [Monstercat Exclusive] 56:22 COTWRadio - Where The Lost Are Found (Mashup by Ethani & Monst3r) [COTW Mashup] Thank you for listening to Monstercat: Call of the Wild!


 2019-08-28  1h0m