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episode 248: The new grey skulled sauropodomorph and Mission Jurassic

Dinosaur of the day Polacanthus, an ankylosaur that was described in the 1800s, but no one is sure who named it.

In dinosaur news this week:

  • After decades of being classified as Massospondylus, “grey skull” has a new name, Ngwevu intloko
  • Mission Jurassic in North Wyoming could hold over 100 dinosaurs in one square mile
  • A group of juvenile hadrosaurs was found at Pipestone Creek, near the Philip J. Currie Museum
  • The Scottish government is working on better protecting the fossils on the Isle of Skye in Scotland
  • In India, a group of scientists are pushing for a bill that will designate and safeguard fossil sites
  • In Romania, new dinosaur nests have been found, most likely from a hadrosaur like Telmatosaurus
  • The Natural History Museum in London has digitized their holotype of Mantellisaurus
  • The Central Museum of Mongolian Dinosaurs recently opened a new exhibition hall, themed Paleozoic Era
  • Dinosaur Park in Laurel, Maryland has an open house this summer, on September 7
  • Trix the T.rex is back in Leiden, at the updated Naturalis Biodiversity Center in the Netherlands
  • A new project called “On the Trail of Dinosaurs,” will bring the Dinosaur Tracks from the Australian Dampier Peninsula to life
  • children visiting the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences regularly try to help the injured sauropod, giving it hugs and Band-Aids.
  • South Dakota rancher Kenny Brown recently retired and bequeathed his 1,330 acre ranch to the School of Mines
  • PLOS One blog has a list of events for National Fossil Day in the US (October 16)
  • On August 29, the US Postal Service is issuing four new T. rex stamps, with a holographs
  • Nickelodeon has a new animated series coming out September 14, LEGO Jurassic World: Legend of Isla Nubar

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 2019-08-28  28m