High on the Hog The Potcast

A cannabis education podcast! Zagat editor and radio Host Merrill Shindler and Joanna Belson, Executive Producer, activist mom and cannabis enthusiast, chat about all things THC, CBD and everything in between. Listen in each week to her new topics and meet amazing people in the cannabis industry.



episode 8: Papa & Barkley Knows Best

How is a major medical cannabis brand come to be? Well, in the case of industry leader Papa & Barkley @papaandbarkley, necessity was truly the mother of invention. The founder’s father was in pain. And his son mixed up a batch of cannabis cream -- and the result was nothing short of miraculous. The further result is a line of products that’s hailed by many as a healing wonder. Join us this week, to hear all about it with COO Boris Shcharansky, on High on the Hog: The Potcast.


 2019-02-15  31m