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A Meditation for Feeling Inspired

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Today’s meditation is about feeling inspired and connected to our purpose by tapping into that special space where time ceases to exist and absorption in experience begins. It’s from this space that epiphanies and inspiration flow. I also believe that when we are operating from this place, we are at our best. We are peaceful, inspiring and kind to others.

A sense of purpose is an abstract feeling that I would venture to say most of us are at least vaguely aware of.  But what exactly is our purpose? For some folks it’s easily defined, for others not so much.

Perhaps our purpose is simply to play, learn and experience as Abraham Hicks explains. Well at least for me, some days having fun and following my highest excitement just doesn’t cut it.

+Check out this Vibrational Science Podcast which provides an overview of Abraham Hicks concepts

Earlier this week I was putting the final touches on my latest painting while wondering how my passion for painting was really linked to my purpose? Since I feel like I’m here to help raise the collective consciousness of humanity, how was I directly achieving that with painting?

Ancient Earthling by M.Kiravell. Acrylic on Canvas. 36x24

My question launched into the cosmos and like a gift from above, I was struck by a random impulse to re-listen to the audio version of Seth Speaks. A few minutes of listening  provided the answer to my query.  Seth explains that when a painter taps into that meditative space and translates inspiration onto canvas, that painting reminds others of their own multi-dimensionality- their own cosmic-ness.  It stimulates a memory, a feeling perhaps of that place beyond this material world.

I was reminded that when we are inspired, we automatically inspire others. And when we feel uplifted and uplift others we are living our purpose. And when we are living our purpose, we feel fulfilled. Sometimes we forget this. I forget this more often than I care to admit.

One of the beauties of life is that it’s never too late to get back into the zone. Join me for today’s meditation on feeling inspired and fulfilled by entering the vortex.

Below is the transcript for today’s meditation. You can also listen to the guided meditation at the top of this page or on iTunes.

Thanks for joining me:)
Till next time,

~Meditation transcript~

I love being in the zone. I love that feeling when all the sounds of this world fade away and I’m in a state of pure focus. I’m in a state where I’m not concerned about what I look like, what I’m doing, what’s going on with the people around me or what’s going on in the world because those things are always going to be going on.

Rather, I’m in this space of pure unadulterated focus. I’m in the zone… I’m in the vortex.  It’s peaceful and it’s quiet and even in this moment if I’m not there right now, I can remember a time when I have been there.

Moreover, I can imagine myself being there. I can imagine what it’s like to just have pure inspiration and energy flowing through my mind in such a way that it slips into my consciousness and I just become a transmitter of it.

I love that feeling of being an inspiration. If inspiration were a place…how magical would it be? There’s none of the “I” and the “ego.” There’s just an absorption in love and beauty and there’s peace and harmony everywhere. 

It’s in this place that I don’t really have to do anything… just being who I am and just enjoying what I’m enjoying… by being in the flow…I’m automatically vibrating waves of energy that propagate through space and have an influence on the atmosphere and on those around me.

Those vibrations are filled with peace and joy… and they’re egoless. Because in this space of focus, I’m not concerned with what it looks like and I’m not concerned with what I may look like… I’m not concerned with anything of the world. 

I’m in the flow and I notice I feel fulfilled… there’s nothing lacking. I feel joyful, I feel inspired… and it’s easy. 

I like knowing that I can enter the space anytime I want. I like knowing that I can remember what it was like and if that feels a little bit out of my grasp, I can imagine what it’s like.

I love knowing about the law of attraction and how the more I contemplate this, the more I attract it towards myself.  I’ve experimented with this.  I’ve been experimenting with it all my life… even when I wasn’t paying attention. But that’s the beauty of my memories… I can look back and I can see… that when I was in the zone and when it felt right, things flowed.

So I can see now how my power is really in my present.

In this moment I can choose to be inspired and I can choose to be in an inspiring place.  I can choose to feel good in my mind. 

I can choose to feel fulfilled…. and by the beauty of this practice of feeling fulfilled, I’m automatically going to bring more activities, more people, more things into my life in the physical realm that will in turn bring me more feelings of fulfillment. 

So every moment is up to me. I truly am the creator of my reality. I create my reality with my focus and consciousness. I love using this… it’s my most powerful tool in my bag of tricks. Whatever I want to feel, I imagine it in my mind first… what would it be like? I even love to come up with creative scenarios- of situations that would make me feel what I want to feel.

And the more passion and the more absorbed I am in that, the more quickly it manifests in my reality. The more powerfully I ask a question in my mind and imagine feeling the joy from the solution that I know is to come… the faster that solution comes.

I’m so blessed that I’m tuned into one of the most powerful cosmic principles of the universe. With this knowing comes such an immense sense of well-being, peace and security.

Om Shanti.

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