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episode 97: Mastering the Creative Process to Achieve Flow

Thinking about and being in the creative flow process is one of the most fun and refreshing things you can do with your time and in your life. Entrepreneurship is an extension of creation. When you start a business you are essentially creating something from nothing. And whether you are delivering a product or service, you are creating something that didn't exist before and you are delivering it to someone with a need. You are extracting value and giving value. You are manifesting an outlet for your creativity.


This podcast includes tips for getting yourself into a state of flow, the importance of creating measurable benchmarks for your productivity, and how to analyze and refine your cycle for optimum results.


Key Points:


  • Tips for getting into the creative flow state. [4:52]


  • The importance of creating benchmarks for your creativity and productivity. [10:25]


  • Pushing yourself is great but quitting while you're ahead will keep you ahead of the game. [17:51]


  • Analyze your creative process and then review, refine, and repeat. [20:20]




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 2019-09-09  23m